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For many years we have been designing, developing 
and maintaining online presence of our clients.
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Narnia Bratislava

We have created a clean and elegant website that proudly showcases the uniqueness of Narnia School. We also thought about the administration environment, which ensures easy editing of content.
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JOJ Group

Website for a large media group in Slovakia
JOJ Group is the biggest media group in Slovakia. It operates TV JOJ and other television and multimedia portals. It is engaged in production in their own studios for domestic and international projects.
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e-Shop with DNA tests
Our task was to redesign the dnaera.com website, that includes an e-shop for Slovakia and Czechia.
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Web that educates young people
ZmudriG mostly concerns the younger generation and brings them an interesting content regarding various current topics. We’ve created clear and easy to maintain website for them.
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Gazela w Laponii

Guide to the Norwegian Lofoten Islands
Website’s design refresh, new UX solutions and tools thanks to which the user can find on the subpage all that he desires.
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