Frequently asked questions before or during web development

Do I need a website?

In today's digital world, with people searching for everything on the Internet, it is important that your business has a website and therefore is be searchable. The website does not have to be complex, but the priority should be to provide people with basic information, contact and where they can find you. Such website can be made within a few weeks, possibly even days and does not need to cost all your savings. We have created Webentor for said cases, so that we can help your business grow in the online world together.

How long will the web development take?

A graphic design can be created within days, and it depends on whether you already have website’s content ready, or you would us to prepare it, and how extensive the website should be. The launch time can not be estimated without knowing the full scope, yet we can guarantee you that if we agree on specific date, we will meet the deadline.

I have the design ready, can you just develop the website?

We can make a website based on the supplied design. However, there is a possibility we will make some small adjustments it, so we can deliver you the best potential result.

Where and how can I obtain a domain?

You can get a domain through a domain provider. Fist you just need to check if your desired domain is available. This can be easily done via domain providers or other websites. In case you need advise with picking one or where to get it, we are happy to help.

What is a hosting and how to pick one?

Hosting is a space that stores your website and its contents, as well as it gives a technical background to make it accessible online. We will gladly help you to pick hosting provider.

Can you provide me a hosting?

We can recommend you a hosting provider, that will take care of the important things. We always recommend companies that we have long-term and good experience with and in whose management we have multiple websites.

Will it be possible to change web’s content after its launch?

Yes, you will be able to change the content of the website after its launch. We will happily provide you support also after the launch and help you with changing the content, or we can teach you everything necessary so that you can manage the content yourself.

Will I be able to work with my website after you hand it over to me?

Our websites have a very simple management environment and you will know how to manipulate it. We can explain you basic things and teach you, if needed. However, we would recommend leaving more complex updates or installations to the specialists, and we will be gladly provide support even after the website is launched.

Can you manage my website after its launch?

Sure, we can agree on a regular maintenance of your website even after its launch. We have many clients who have stayed with us also because time is still moving forward and new updates are being released regularly, which you need to pay attention to for the proper functioning of the website.

Why do we need to take care of a website after its launch?

All tools and technologies we use are always being improved. There are regularly new updates, which we monitor and apply, since their actuality is important for correct websites’ behaviour.

How can you make a website so quickly?

We evaluated our many years of experience in web development and listened to our clients who needed a website on a smaller scale and in the shortest possible time. Thus, we have created our own way of web development based on components prepared in advance, which allow us to make unique websites while also being time efficient.

When can I see a graphic design?

Thanks to our prepared components, that can be easily adjusted according to the clients’ requirements, we can show you the graphic design within 3 days.

Can I look into the development process?

Some parts of the process require client’s input, such as creating of the graphic design or content. Of course, we can enable you to look into other parts of the project, if you are interested.

How will the graphic design be developed?

We are using Figma tool for graphic design’s development, which has improved with the available options in recent years. Thanks to this and our skilled graphic designer we were able to create a system made out of prepared components for individual sections, which are adjusted according to client’s needs and content. These are not just some templates downloaded off the internet, but our custom-made components.

Who will I be communicating with during the collaboration?

In the first contact you will communicate with Jan, who will discuss all of the details surrounding your project. Later you will communicate with our project managers, either Marek or Peťo. They will oversee compliance with deadlines and specific steps.